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Praise and Worship Ministry


The main function of this ministry is to direct the

congregation in bringing our offering of praise and worship to God in a rational way; but with passion and every expression of adoration, with Psalms, with Hymns, with spiritual songs, with musical instruments, and with our voices, lift up the name of Christ with the purpose that ALL of us can enter into his presence, and have a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit.


 Each member ministers to the Lord with a humble and grateful heart, because they have understood that it is only by HIS GRACE that we can have this privilege of being called children of God, that we have been redeemed and created for the praise of His Name. Since the goal of our worship is to please the Lord, each member who ministers to the Lord must honor God with his life and ministry.


Leaders: Moisés Díaz, Dorca Arévalo, and

Elmer Magana

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