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“With the anointing of the Holy Spirit to reach for Christ every person of Newark, N.J., this nation, and the world.
Affirm, train and send them to fulfill the mission of Jesus.”

our story


Meet Pastor

Daniel Vargas Mena &  Mayra Vargas 

Pastors Maira and Daniel Vargas Mena were born in DR and have dedicated most of their lives to preaching the word of God. At the beginning of their pastoral career they shared that function with the secular practice of teaching and medicine respectively. 

Pastors Journey

 to Calvary Christian Center

From their homeland they went to Venezuela where they carried out missionary work, raising 3 congregation. After a stay of more than 12 years they received the call of the Lord. To go to the US to dedicate themselves completely to the ministry and with the specific mission of 'Win souls for Christ'. It is under this premise that in 2004 the Calvary Christian Center was born. Pastors Vargas has an only son and two grandchildren. It’s their desire to please God and serve others.  

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