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Leading Kids to Jesus

 A fun place where your child grows to be more like Jesus through fun biblical based learning




   10:30 AM


Our Mission: 

Our children's ministry is committed to teaching the Bible to children from 3 years old to 12 years old through engaging , age-appropriate activities, in a safe and loving environment.

Through Bible stories, music and creative lessons, our desire is to grow children in their knowledge of Biblical truths, their love and understanding of God and in their development of a personal relationship with Jesus

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Meet the Directors: 

Elizabeth Ramirez and Madeline Guzman, have been working together with the kids for more than 10 years.

They are dedicated, together with an amazing community of volunteers, to lead and minister to all the children for the Glory of God and his Kingdom.


Elizabeth Ramirez


Madeline Guzman

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Serve on our Team

 Another great way to get involved at Calvary Kids is to volunteer. As a church we want kids to meet Jesus, learn the gospel, and be transformed into followers of Christ. Calvary Kids is a great place for that to happen  and we appreciate your desire to be involved and make an impact in their lives.

 Our priority is our Kids safety, with that we require all our volunteers to comply with the following requirements:

  • Attend Calvary regularly.

  • Fill out our Calvary Kids Application.

  • Meet with our Calvary Kids Director

  • Receive training to cover safety, expectations, and policies.






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